ColorGlide Pro – QuadPack Brushless Painting System – Tubes & Pumps and Display Clip

41NtAyWORBL. SL160  ColorGlide Pro   QuadPack Brushless Painting System   Tubes & Pumps and Display Clip
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Product Features:

  • Clean Easy Painting System – Covers Scratches and Scuffs
  • Includes 4 Applicator Paint Tubes and Transfer Pumps
  • BONUS Clip to hold all four in place – adhesive backing
  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing inside mixes paint for freshness
  • Long term storage of paints – Get rid of your paint cans!

Product Description

ColorGlide Pro is an innovative brushless painting system that consists of a tube with a paint applicator and paint transfer pump. There is a stainless steel ball bearing in the tube that mixes the paint. Perfect for covering scratches and scuffs as well as small paint projects. Comes in two sizes; a 3.5-ounce tube and an 8-ounce tube for larger projects. Transfer your own paint with the included paint transfer pump. Visit for more info or call (877) 230-0750. Single and Dual Packs available.

ColorGlide was born from necessity. From painting jobs to home improvement projects
ColorGlide now makes the painting hassles a thing of the past. I invented ColorGlide a few years ago when I had to patch up several holes in my house and repaint some scratched and scuffed areas on the walls.

Each ColorGlide Pro contains a stainless steel ball bearing that is used to mix the paint and keep it fresh and uniform. There are two different sizes of ColorGlide Pro. One holds about 3-ounces of paint and is great for scuffs, scratches and small paint jobs. The larger ColorGlide Pro holds about 8-ounces of paint and is great for larger projects like paining 2x4s, doors and wood panels. The 3-ounce tube has a smaller opening than the larger tube that allows a controlled flow of paint depending on the tube size.

Some of the key features and benefits of the ColorGlide Pro is that there is no cleanup and your paints can be stored for extended time periods and conveniently stored away for later use small areas like a kitchen drawer.

We are confident that once you begin using ColorGlide Pro paint tubes you will not only get one foe each color in your home, you will begin to use them for the special painting projects because they are so handy and always ready to use. No preparation time, no setup and no clean-up only paining and then cap and store it for later projects.

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ColorGlide Pro – QuadPack Brushless Painting System – Tubes & Pumps and Display Clip